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Changing context for generating better testing idea’s

As a tester one part of your job is to come up with testing idea’s.  A way that is very often used is take the template used in a previous testcase. The test cases can have the format like excel … Continue reading

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Shorten your Feedback cycle while testing.

During the last months I confronted my selve with the fact that I have material to share but where? Was it in a presentation a document or a piece of code? somewhere I have it? I will start a serie … Continue reading

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My approach on getting grip on exploratory testing

How to do a decent job on Exploratory testing. That is the question I gave my self at the beginning of this year. What did I do. My colleague Huib Schoot explained me his view on exploratory testing, as a … Continue reading

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User Story Risk Quadrants

On my way back from Agile Testing Days 2013 I had an conversation with Gitte Ottosen of course it was about testing. We talked a bout risk and how to address that in agile. Therefore I have a very simple … Continue reading

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Getting a plan and start building

Third iteration Getting a plan. We known that we are allowed to build and we have an assumption that we can afford it. The next questions that should be solved are: What is the time frame? And when should we … Continue reading

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Speaking at STAREAST 2013

The first time speaking on STAREAST. My talk was about thinking visual ad visualisation tools for testers. I’ve arrived there well prepared, was it good enough? I’ve ask James Bach and Michael Bolton to “test” my talk. Not only the … Continue reading

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Magic Estimation can work!

Today a team asked me on how to do a good grooming session. They were arguing on details and process. After the team had spend an hour or two on estimation I asked them to join me in the afternoon … Continue reading

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