Shorten your Feedback cycle while testing.

During the last months I confronted my selve with the fact that I have material to share but where? Was it in a presentation a document or a piece of code? somewhere I have it?

I will start a serie with small post on practical things / techniques that help teams to continue. This is probably just as helpful for you then it is for me.

Shorten your feedback cycle while testing.

If your testing and you observe the status of the GUI but do you also observe the status of the backend or hardware? An example:

You have an import function. It will probably have successful and unsuccessful messages after importing. In your backend there are probably also messages of succes or not. I recommend to view live (like tail message.log) on the server if it really works. If an import seems to work on UI level it will not say that is dit not give acceptions in the backend. If you want to enhance it, you change the color of the terminal or logging window or add a sound. This will shorten the feedback cycle. The problem is that after 10 different import it is hard to sync which error occurred on which step. If an error occurs you direct see the color change. The investigation can start.

You make it visible

Below you see an example which uses this code (tailored for a mac). In the upper terminal I edit a file (message.log). I save the file and add more text this time with the word error. The lower terminal changes the color when the text error is present in the message.log file.

tail -F message.log | grep -m 1 "error";tput setab 13; clear; tail message.log


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