My approach on getting grip on exploratory testing

How to do a decent job on Exploratory testing. That is the question I gave my self at the beginning of this year.

What did I do.

My colleague Huib Schoot explained me his view on exploratory testing, as a context driving tester, he pointed out that there are more views on exploratory testing. Like the overview on exploratory testing by  Gitte Ottosen  See slideshare

Huib also pointed me to the course Getting a grip on exploratory testing by James Lyndsay.

It is a training that triggered me in an excellent way. I was already excited about exploratory testing but it gave me a boost. The relaxed way of teaching by James and the extreme amount of experience made it great to follow. It was a training with experienced students like me therefore the coffee breaks were also worthwhile.
James creates testmachine for understanding exploratory testing. They are great tool to let you experience that testing something this simplistic like a one button application is not always easy to test. I found out that it can be challenging to test something that simple. All the participants explained their test idea’s and together with James ideas we got the idea we have a good start.  James explained  the framework In / Out which uses inputs and outputs to discover the behavior of the program.

If you want to know more about exploratory testing it is a great course. They only downside I noticed that the available time for the course could be more. Two days for such a great training is short.

After the course it was time to practice at my daily job. After this, it was time to give training together with Huib Schoots and later give another training and a couple workshops. Giving training is a great way of learning.  At TestNet Huib and I gave a workshop and we gave a tutorial at Agile Testing Days where exploratory testing was a part of the tutorial.

The great things about giving training it lets you practice and tests your knowledge. Especially when having a colleague like Huib Schoots, he is a walking wikipedia on Exploratory testing. It is great to explore exploratory testing with a person like him.

All this gave me an experience boost on exploratory testing this year.  

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2 Responses to My approach on getting grip on exploratory testing

  1. You are in good hands. No better teacher than Huib. I wish I had an opportunity to work with him. You are now experienced coach on exploratory testing that is cool. You get better at ET as you do more of it. I pooled together good resource on ET but didn’t have time to read all of it. If you ever wanted anything particular on ET I may be able to help if you give me shout. Not sure whether I can make that available to everyone if I have dropbox/Google Drive space but can help if one needs it

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