Speaking at STAREAST 2013

The first time speaking on STAREAST. My talk was about thinking visual ad visualisation tools for testers. I’ve arrived there well prepared, was it good enough? I’ve ask James Bach and Michael Bolton to “test” my talk. Not only the content but also the way how I present. James was not able to make it due to an interview but he did send his brother John.  Which I thought was very nice.speakerStarEast2013

I talked to Derk jan de Grood and Ruud Teunissen in the morning and both said we will go through our talk. Then I talk to James Lindsay and he said prepare your talk.  After 3 experienced speakers I’ve got the message, ill go through it one more time. I did discoverd that when I use my phone as a timer you need to set the auto lock to off.
Being well prepared I checked the room an hour before to check if I need additional extension material or connectors / converters. I also went to the presentation of Paul Holland prior to me in the room that I speak in. Paul Holland did the session about PCO, he had some audio problems. Therefore I took extra time to check that. Everything was setup the way I wanted it to be. The room was full of people the presentation could start.
It was an honor to talk to a fully pack room. The presentation went very well, the feedback should tell if it is true.  There were quite some people telling me they liked it and I’m pleased with that. Like here on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/hattsoff_inc/status/329772370531336193. Got feedback from Jon Bach and from Michael Bolton on my talk and they where positive about my presentation. A few improvements that is alway good, I am not perfect. Like forgetting to take a picture of the audience to show you.

What did STAREAST bring me?

It confirmed that it is good to rehearsal and take the time to get your presentation setup.
Presentation was my main point to go to stareast, there was more that made it a great conference. I was very pleased with the invitation from James Lindsay for the test lab. Later I’ve got invited for an interview as well for the virtual conference. And I’ll already signed up for meet the speakers.  There were also a lot of very interesting people over there.  And off course there some great presentations. (In the picture  you see Derkjan Jan de Grood speaking, same room ).

James Lindsay ask me to do a session on the testlab. It was great to do a handson session. The software under test was the aloha editor. The approach I took how visualization can help you to, to understand the system.
The first step was draw a tiny PCO. This to make clear what we test. In an normal situation I would take the next steps.
  1. Collect as  much information as I can
  2. Try to understand relation between the gatherd information
  3. Try to visualize what I want to test
  4. Create a test report / create dashboard

In the testlab I did focus on one part of my approach.

After the tiny PCO the next step was pick one function of the PCO, in this case it was enabling and disabling bold text. Then we zoomed in on the feature how it works. We used a flip over to draw an overview.  We explored the design / architecture of the application by sketching together. This sketching together is an nessecary step to understanding the situation. You as a tester needs to know where it can go wrong therefor the design / architecture is important .  We must understand how it works see slide visual test strategy in my presentation. The last part of my approach is get all information I need for the test report. It is always good to know what your story is that you like to tell. It is also a check if I am missing information during testing. For example what are the average response time during testing. If you do not measure it during testing you can not put it in your report.
The testlab was for me a lot of fun.
Next time I lke to do it again!!
The interview
It was my first interview, hope I did we’ll . When I know the link I will publish it.


Meet the speaker at the table.  This time not with visualization as title but with my other favorite title developers are my agile friends.
This was for me a nice experience there were nice colleague testers that could not make it to the  presentation but had questions. We had some nice discussions on visualization. There were also two testers by acident were sitting at the table. With them I got great discussion on documenting the test. How they do it. How I do it.
It where two great days at the conference.  Next year ill like to go again.

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