Open source wooden shed

There is a great TED talk from Massimo Banzi: How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination. This talk made my self enthusiastic about open source hardware. The last half year I been working on replacing my old shed by a new shed or better said a mansion. I ve spent loads of time to find out how my mansion should be build. As a Scrum Master I work iterative and incremental at the same time. Can I use the same strategies to build my mansion. Can I embrace change during the building of my mansion. All the data I used is available here to use for free.

Here is how it went the first iteration.

The first iteration: Testing my vision.

To go from my vision to something to talk about I did create a 10 minute sketch. The result was not promising. I got to many questions, what do you mean with this and how do you mean that. It was inspired bypic201 Getting the correct image of the “complex” roof construction needed a different approach. The second step was to take was building a small paper and tape model (prototype) to get feedback on the idea. The color of is not represent reality the goal but it was to explain the roof construction not which colors to use. The mansion I like to build is together with my neighbors : the left side would be mine and the right side is my neighbors. I had to validate if they like the model? The outcome of the talk was that they liked it a lot.

We came up with more questions:

  • How much will it cost to build?
  • Should I build it by myself?
  • Should I ask a construction company to build it?
  • How long would it take to build?
  • Am I aloud to build my mansion?
  • How much money and am I allowed to build it.
  • What are the next questions that should be answered first.

First iteration was successful the project continuous. Testing the vision for software is similar to testing my mansion vision. Prototyping / modeling all are useful.

Next iteration: Validating the most important question: Can I afford this mansion?

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