How was the coaching session with Anne-Marie Charrett.

When communicate I always tell others to stop using all kinds of chat. The communication could be way better if you use sound or even better talk in real life. What I had With Anne-Marie I had a more than 2 hours chat session. Was it better if I directly could talk to Anne-Marie face to face?

This is an overview on how it was.

visualize the elapsed time

After explaining my experience, we had a short discussion about what challenge is for me, which was very nice. I was complaining they are not challenging me. Anne-Marie great responded, o yes they are challenging you but maybe not in a positive way. After this she gave me an assignment to do. Test something. I choose the reconnection of my magic mouse. She used different techniques like polarization and drill down to questioning my task (sounds like testing). She made some great arguments to change my testing. First I thought that the brought up assumptions were not important enough. After drill down in the details I change my approach because my assumption were not good enough.

After the “test” session there was the review on the coaching session. Which gave me inside in drill down and why I made the decision to change my test approach

And there is more to learn.

The good thing is that we had chat! The chat session script was saved and stored in a text file. We both went through the script (22 pages of chat history) and annotate. The annotations where shared and reviewed. This is something that is impossible to do with face to face communication. The coaching session with chat is very helpful and reading through the session after a month you can learn from your failure and be still very happy with the answers you gave.

I can tell if you have the opportunity. Go for an coaching session you will learn valuable things.

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