Agile Spaghetti game

The Spaghetti game is a game which beautiful shows the power of self-organization. The problem is illustrated by tangled knot of 10 people through a process of crisscrossed hand-holding. The requested end situation is a circle of people holding hands.

Give one the role as manager the rest is the group.

Step 1: create 2 lines of people






Step 2: The first line gives their left hand to the right hand of the person opposite him.






Step 3: make the knot complete

The next step is to give the free hand not to the person against you but an other one.

check that all people are connected in one circle (otherwise you and up with two circles)

below you see an example






The game: Start by giving the manager the instruction to solve this complex problem, the knot. He is only allowed giving instruction by voice. Start the timer. The manager will give instruction. If the manager has not solve the problem after 5 minutes you can stop. Start again in the same position but this time let the team solve the problem. You will see that the team solved this problem more than 10 times faster is my experience.

Duration of the game is around 15 minutes.

Problems that the team should solve should be solved by the team not by the manager. Architecture should be build by the team not by a separate architect.

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