Coaching session for me?

Next week wednesday I get a coaching session from Anne-Marie Charrett. This blog post is about my preparation for the coaching session.

The preparation: Anne-Marie gave me two questions.

  1. Send me an outline of your software testing experience, and what you want to get out of the coaching
  2. A list of your strengths and weaknessess in testing.

Question 1 the outline of my software testing experience.

I started in 1999 as test engineer at a defense company. (Hardware Software Integration of embedded software). At that same company I changed jobs to System tester / SW developer / trainer. In 2007 I left the company to start as test manager at an embedded system company and more companies followed with roles as senior tester and test manager.  In 2008 I started got introduced with scrum and for the last 3 years I am frequently beside the tester Scrum master in the team.
Got more and more interested into real testing and learning about testing. RST and BBST… Now for more than a year I work at codecentric as an agile test consultant. In this role I am helping team to change their test approach to a more agile way of testing.
The result for me now is that I am now starting to speak at conferences and giving my own Agile test training.

What do I want to get out of coaching is:

How can I be a better teacher.
How can I be a better tester.

If I get hints or more focus for one of those two point that would be great.  It is just a 1.5 hour coaching session.

Question 2 A list of your strengths and weaknessess in testing.


  • I know how to adapt to the different testing challenges in agile.
  • Wide knowledge on testing.
  • Focus on the people not on tools.


  • Would be a better software engineer for test automation.
  • Would like to be more experienced in security testing.
  • Like to many things about testing therefore not an expert in 1 part

I write about how it was?

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