Choosing the correct test level is not easy

When people want to give a go at specification by example I see that it is hard to get it running.  A valid question can be: why do I needed it, I have a Unit test covering that functionality. It is to much work to get the acceptance test running.

How do I choose the right level of testing? At which level do I tackle this: in a unit test or in a integration test or is the acceptance test. What is the best way to get confidence?

The two rules I use are

1 Test at a lowest level as possible (test early)
2 Test the most complete chain that you test as realistic as possible.

yes there are more rules like. The triangle of Patrick Wilson-Welsh (copied in the book Agile Testing)

I challenge you!

What test level would you tackle this problem?.
The project consist of a sort of google earth application on the client and a server where the data is stored. A live video feed from the camera can be retrieved via ethernet and can be displayed on the client .

At the moment we use three levels of testing: unit, integration and acceptance test.
We integrate an open source video decoder. There is a panel where we embed the video component.

How to test? And what to automate?


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