Is this a way to quantify?

When I say I live in a big city what does that mean for you. Is it a city of 2 milion? No I live in the netherlands and a big city has a population of more than 100.000. When we take our biggest city Amsterdam it has a population of 1.1 million. So quantify with examples could help.

Currently I am improving visualibility to testing with a new method for me: It is a mood board.  It can be associated with comparable product. But then only on the subject that you are interested in in this case performance.

example from moodboard for decorating (

I am playing with the idea of creating a mood board of applications that in my opinion are snappy. Like scrolling through a list of addresses in the address book on the iPad and select a person. The idea is that you play with the reference applications to get the right context or “mood”. After that start the application to test it and compare.

The second mood board I have started working on is Look and Feel. This one contains images of websites / tools. This mood board is to create context on Look and Feel. It should look pretty is not really quantitative.

Or maybe a reference board is a better name? And yes there are more mood boards to think on .

Are there more people that have created a mood board / reference board?
I am interested if more people like me are interested in a performance Mood board.?

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