Presentation at the “Najaars evenement voor vtspn test professionals”

Looking back at my presentation ( my own retrospective) which I gave at “Najaars evenement voor vtspn test professionals” on 28 november. Was about focussing on embracing change and how that can be handled in an agile way. The test professionals in the audience  were  mostly working in a TMAP way. Where they not were focussing on change but more on a fixed scope. The process was knew quite well, certainly after the overview given by Niko Abrahamsen. I was able to give a talk on how it can work in a more agile way. There were some good chats later that day. People were curious about agile. A curious tester is a great tester.

For the test professionals at infrastructure department check the presentation on cucumber in combination with puppet (really cool)

For the people who are interested in agile or scrum (start reading the scrum guide). Cool testing tools were I believe in are ATTD tools like Robot frame work / FITnesse. But the most important thing is that testers are skilled and study testing.


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