Bathtub conference next step.

How do the pro do that. Just ask them to tell you. Don’t wait for a conference create an online conference that was discussed by a cup of coffee with Cesario. But not focussed only on “the pro” but also the pro who is climbing the up the hill to become the expert. As I travel a lot for work. It is great if we can do it in non office hours.

The reactions are great and people standup and join in making the online conference the bathtubconference become reality.  March 2nd it was the first ALE Bathtub 1 followed by  Bathtub II on June the 30th Bathtub III on 20 October 2011.

The first three conferences were done and we as an team are very proud of what we achieved. With speakers like Esther Derby, Hakan Forrs,  Lisa crispin, Andreas Egbert Karroum, Scott Barber and many more see the YouTube channel.


The idea that Cesario had was a rotating organisation. I enjoyed it a lot but it is time to let other people do the best at organizing the ALEbathtub.


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